the chocolate wondah

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this is the realest shit ive seen in a while

Mannnn… Why are we talking???

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For every cup of soda or juice you drink in 2k14, drink 2 cups of water.

Eat fruit and vegetables with every meal.

Eat less red meat.

Orgasm frequently.

Cmon guys, lets get this money.

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i love this shit

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Toni morrisson said some shit about don’t ever hand over your whole life?

Gurl yes yesss yessssss

You can give people your all without giving them the keys to your very existence

When our mommas warned us about always keep money to yourself

I will one up that and say its not even about money….

this is so hard to remember to do. i look back at the beginning of my adulthood and realize that i gave alot to people who didn’t deserve a little and that i almost handed myself, my existence to the world and let it have its way with me. it’s an internal struggle not to give too much but to not be closed off.

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i wanted to be her. this was my favorite movie growing up.

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Pay attention to the patterns.

You think it’s a coincidence that gangsta/mafioso rap started popping up right after white people started making a shitload of movies glorifying their own criminality?

You think that shit is just a natural extension…

preach! same time the CIA had random drugs never seen in black communities start popping up and causing epidemics

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Her name suits her perfectly. No other name in the world would’ve ever done her justice.


Dear Empress, 

Sweet soul there is a lot of ignorance in this world and I want to apologize in advance for all the ignorant minds you will eventually come across. Yesterday, you and I had a fabulous busy day and came home to have a nice dinner when people informed me that your pictures were stolen and circulating Instagram and Facebook.  I am not writing this to you to explain ourselves to anyone because we DO NOT have the necessity of doing so, I am simply writing this for your sake. People stole your pictures and were making thoughtless remarks and commenting negatively about your outfit. Oh and they also said you were too little to be wearing make-up. That tickled me so much because it is obviously very hard to believe you are naturally just that beautiful. (:

My dear you have the most beautiful eyes and eye-lashes and according to people you also have the cutest lips and hair. A few mentioned your dress would cause perverts to desire you in disgusting ways but the sad part here is that instead of the simpletons arguing on how disgusting perverts are they want to focus on how “cute” the outfit is. That is like saying that it is a woman’s fault for being beautiful that causes men to be pigs ….0_o..does that make any sense? uhmm NO! DO NOT EVER LET MISERABLE PEOPLE HAVE ANY KIND OF EFFECT IN YOUR LIFE. I could’ve easily argued and try to defend you as many would expect but in reality there is nothing to defend. You are amazing Empress and these simpletons do not realize that one day you will be doing amazing things for this world and they will all be eating their words. I have no doubts or worries about you my beautiful heart.

Others mentioned that I am training you to be a “specific kind of woman {for the sake of not using other terms}”. Some tried suggesting I should dress you professional and once again, the simpletons do not realize that has all been done before and they do not know how versatile you are and instead get off from one outfit. You were the Statue of Liberty for crying out loud!!!{INSERT LAUGH HERE} [oh these simpletons!]

Any how dear, I will not take these pictures down because I am 100% confident in my parenting and in your soul that nothing will ever damage or change that. Especially not clueless minds. If at any point in your life any of your pictures are taken out of context or fall into the wrong hands I will be right there by your side to make sure you understand and are able to disregard it all. You WILL know how much I love you and not just by words but you will always have hard evidence to prove it. You are a wonderful being that has to live with these other beings but that’s ok, one person can make a huge difference and that’s why you were placed on planet Earth.



Going to just leave this here. This is beautiful.

I’m gonna cry. This letter is perfect.

All of my feelings. Thank you for sharing her with the internet world. This is beautiful,this is everything. She is so beautiful and her Mother is too. 

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I carry my hair supplies in style.

i need this in my life this big ass duffle bag is not gonna cut it and i’m tired of it cause it smells funny and it’s too damn heavy

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I have such a problem with secondhand embarrassment that if I’m watching something and a character does something that I find even the littlest bit embarrassing I have to either mute the TV or plug my ears and avert my eyes. It makes me really anxious.

omg  this is Me  !  is this really a disorder? imma have to look this up cause i thought i was just extra sensitive or some shit 

aagggghhhhh! omg i thought it was just me. lordhafmerci!!!! it makes me want to curl up in a ball in myself. does that make sense?